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Loft conversions in Surrey

Roberts Roofing are specialists in loft conversions in Surrey. If you would like a loft converting then, Roberts Roofing is the company for you.

We are based in Surrey but cover Sutton, Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Worcester Park and all surrounding areas

Our specialists have many years experience in the loft conversion trade, we understand that as your family grows, you require more room in your house, and a loft conversion saves you the money and hassle of buying a new home.

A lot of our customers purchase a loft conversion for an additional room in their home, e.g. bedroom, games room, cinema room or just extra space. Whatever your reason for a loft conversion, we can help you.

In your house a loft can be an unused space or a space to store clutter, the main benefits of a loft conversion are creating an additional room within your home which also increases the value of your property.

Loft conversions can be expensive depending on the size and style of your property, but you will receive some of those costs back through your house increasing in value.

Loft conversion requirements in Surrey

The good news about a loft conversion is you don't usually require planning permission.

If you want your loft conversion to be officially classed as an additional bedroom there are a few specifications:

Your loft requirement will have to have adequate space for headroom.

Your loft will require sufficient fire resistant installation.

Your loft will have to adhere to fire and escape safety regulations.

Your loft will have to have a permanent set of stairs (Not a ladder).

If you follow all these specifications and you can class your new loft conversion as an additional bedroom it will increase your property value for a reasonable amount. A three bedroom house would become a four bedroom house officially.

If you would like your loft converting in Surrey, then please get in touch with Roberts Roofing today on 02081681155


Why choose Roberts Roofing?

  1. Great Rates & Quotes

    Here at Roberts Roofing we strive to give all of our customers the best quotes we can, and constantly research our competitors so that we can keep doing so, time and time again. Are you looking for a roofing quote? Look no further!

  2. A Name You Can Rely On

    Roberts Roofing are a company you can always rely on. We work constantly on improving our service so that our customers know they can trust us to carry out our work with little disruption to their daily lives.

  3. A Time Served Team

    All of our team are highly skilled in the roofing trade and have built up a wealth of experience over the last several years. No job is too demanding for us as we have all been trained to deal with every situation that the roofing trade can throw at us!


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Loft Conversions in Surrey